RSA Course Sydney and Parramatta

RSA Course Sydney

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RSA Course Sydney and Parramatta

The RSA Course we provide in Sydney, Parramatta and Penrith is fully accredited by the NSW Government, the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing as well as being nationally recognised via a statement of attainment SITHFAB201 allowing you to serve liquor on any licensed premises anywhere in Australia (providing you are over 18 and meet individual employment criteria).

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Our trainers are fully certified and our training rooms are fully equipped to provide you with the comprehensive training which we are famous for throughout Australia.

Most employers are aware of our training standards and know that our RSA graduates have been trained ready for work.

Question:  How long does our accredited RSA Course  take?

Answer:    One Day (six hours)

Question:  How much does an accredited RSA Course cost?

Answer:    $110 if you do it in Sydney

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