Learn To Trade Forex

Learn To Trade Forex

The worldwide market which trades different currencies is called the Foreign Exchange market or Forex for short.

Billions of dollar, yen, euro, yuan, peso, krone, lev, boliviano, franc, pound, rupee, shekel, dinar, ringgit and many other currencies are exchanged on the forex market by banks, governments AND private traders looking to make a profit on the fluctuating exchange rates between the various currencies.

Whilst this seems fairly straight forward on the surface there is a great deal one must know if one expects to profit from Forex.

Journey To 1000 Pips is one of the financial world’s best known and most respected forex online training facilities for individuals who want to learn to trade forex.

Head trainer and company spokesman Phillipe Carlier is a leading forex trader and has a passion for teaching individuals the finer points of foreign exchange trading from the ground up. Phillipe’s many years of successful forex trading have positioned him as one of the most sought after forex coaches in the world.

But there’s no need to rush in. Phillipe and the Journey To 1,000 Pips team would like to offer you a FREE introductory forex training course valued at $500 so you can see first hand if forex trading is for you. To recieve this offer simply click HERE.


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