Forklift License & Forklift Training Sydney

Forklift License & Forklift Training Sydney

Forklift License & Forklift Training Sydney

(02) 9837 8627 or (0430) 317 594

Forklift License & Forklift Training Sydney. Onsite Instructors

Balance Training provides all your Forklift Licence and Forklift Training requirements in Sydney along with Forklift Courses and materials handling courses.

With over 11 years in Forklift Training & Forklift License Balance Training knows how important it is to have your staff trained properly in the correct and safe use of forklifts.  They offer a number of courses, and for group training they are happy to provide onsite training at your workplace.

BT has all the forklift courses covered including:

  • TLILIC108A – A 3 day course for beginners – Forklift Operation, Safety, OH & S.
  • TLILIC208A – A 3 day course in order picking for the new driver.
  • TLID1007C – The refresher course for the licensed forklift operator.

All courses provided by Balance Training are nationally accredited and training staff to operate a Forklift safely at all times is their number one priority.

Far too many workplace accidents are caused by incompetent, untrained forklift drivers.  Over 45% of forklift accidents include a pedestrian being hit by a forklift.  Don’t let this happen in your workplace.  Keep the areas safe by:

  • Education of pedestrians in the freight handling areas to be aware and alert at all times.
  • Separate manual picking of orders from forklift operations – try to schedule this for different times.
  • Keep your staff up to date with forklift training and safe handling procedures.

Balance Training offer many courses apart from Forklift Training.

These include; Logistics Training, Receive & Dispatch of Goods, Workplace Orientation & Induction Procedures, Control & Order Stock, Maintain & Use Hand Tools, Workplace Communications, OH&S Procedures, General Site Maintenance, Load and Unload Goods / Cargo, Apply Accident Emergency Procedures, Security Procedures, Quality Procedures, and many more.

The fully Qualified & Accredited staff at Balance Training are ready to discuss your Training & Licence requirements by contacting them on (02) 9837 8627 or (0403) 317 594.

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