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Solar Power Perth

Solar Power Perth

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Solar Power

When it comes to Solar Power in Perth Bledisloe Energy are the people to see. With power / electricity prices constantly on the rise, why not take advantage of the solar power rebates available and install a system for your home.  Not only will you save money, but you’ll be helping the environment by using clean, natural power from the sun.

Solar Power experts Bledisloe Energy has been looking after the home owners of Perth for some time with their cost effective residential solar power systems.  With government rebates available at the moment, you couldn’t make a better investment and add value to your home at the same time.

The system is simple, there are no moving parts and maintenance is minimal.  No storing the power generated by Solar Panels photovoltaic cells in batteries.  The power generated is fed straight into the grid so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

In a study of 20 cities around the world, conducted by the OECD in 2008, Perth was found to have the fastest payback for solar power systems.  In other words, your investment will pay for itself in a much shorter time frame than many other cities.  In a country with so many hours of sunshine every year, why not take advantage of the free energy generated by the sun?  Government incentives are at their best right now, but who knows what the future may hold, so why wait?

Bledisloe Energy is happy to arrange a free site inspection for Perth homeowners to ascertain just how much you could be saving with a solar power system by looking at your usage, budget and power bills as well as determining if your home qualifies for the rebates.

Solar Panels Perth

There are over 500 manufacturers of solar panels worldwide, with variations in quality.  The last thing you want on your roof are panels that just don’t deliver.  Bledisloe Energy only uses the highest quality panels available with warranties to give you total peace of mind.  They don’t use a one size fits all approach when it comes to determining the best solar power system for your situation.  All their systems are configured based on experience and vast knowledge of solar power generation, so you won’t end up with a system that is unsuitable for your situation.

At the moment, there is no means test on eligibility for the solar power rebates offered by the government so now is the best time to install a solar power system for your home.

Contact Bledisloe Energy for your free in home site inspection on 1300 663 447 and cut your electricity costs.

Solar Power Perth

Solar Energy Specialists 1300 663 447

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