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Campfire Leather Balm, Original

ORIGINAL Leather Balm 50gm
Campfire Leather Balm is a Water Proofing, Conditioning & Anti Fungal renovating Wax
Polish for all Leather Goods including Footwear, Leather Apparel, Motorcycle Gear, Saddlery,
Leather Furnishing. It can also be used on Vinyl Upholstery.
It’s 100% Aussie Made & Owned & Locally Sourced in Lismore NSW, on the Northern Rivers.
‘Original’ Leather Balm contains Birch Bark Essential Oil which gives it a smoky aroma.
Campfire Leather Balm has been developed through research based on the Anti Fungal
properties of Essential Oils and Australian Lanolin Grease. The essential oils used in our leather
balm and conditioner will deter mould from forming on all Leather Goods. Lanolin, in its raw
state, retains the essential elements produced by sheep to Waterproof their fleece & protect their
coats from mould & bacterial infection.
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