Alarm Systems Perth

Alarm Systems Perth

Alarm Systems Perth

Security Alarms, Perimeter Alarm Systems, CCTV, Intercom Systems, 24 Hour Monitoring & Data Cabling

Jaguar Electronic Security & Alarm Systems Perth have established a reputation throughout Perth and WA as experts in Alarm Systems and CCTV installations.

CCTV Security Systems

Security Products & Services Include:

Security Alarms

Alarm Systems whether low cost or expensive are usually hard to operate except for arming and disarming for “home” and “away”. Alarm Systems often have many other very useful functions but the problem is that unless you know how to properly operate the master panel most of this functionality is wasted.

Alarm Systems whilst highly secure, are specifically designed to be “User Friendly” and we always make a point of showing you exactly how everything works and ensuring you have a complete understanding of each of the security functions your new Alarm System is enabled for.

Perimeter Alarm Systems
For those who want to install a serious security system  the perimeter alarm system is the way to go. Not only will this system protect your most valuable assets when you are not home, this system will also protect your most valuable asset while you are home.

CCTV Surveillance Equipment
CCTV (closed circuit television) is not only a serious step up in home and business security systems, it is also one of the most effective deterrents to burglars, intruders, shoplifters, dishonest employees and vandals.
CCTV Systems are designed and installed on a case by case basis depending on your surveillance requirements, coverage area and budget. We have some of the best CCTV equipment in the world at surprisingly low prices so make sure you ask us for a free quote.

Intercom Systems
We offer both residential and business intercom systems including colour or B&W video monitors.

24 Hour Monitoring
Our Perth based Grade1 security monitoring centre offers 24 hour 7 day monitoring of your alarm / CCTV security system. Talk to us about the advantages of having your home or business premises monitored.

Cabling Services
We also offer a comprehensive data cabling service for a broad range of IT & electronic equipment installations.

For an obligation FREE QUOTE or SECURITY SYSTEM ASSESSMENT call (0400) 214 090.

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