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Removalist Sydney

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Removalist Sydney

With over 25 years in the industry Sydney Removalist Jon Green is the person to call for all your Sydney Removalist requirements.

Servicing the entire Sydney metropolitan area Jon is well known by his many clients for his hands on approach to each individual job. As an owner operator Jon attends each and every removal along with his fully trained and qualified staff.

Jon’s rates are very competitive and written fixed price quotes are available at no cost.

Removalist Sydney NSW

Moving Tips


  • Start notifying businesses, employers, colleagues and service providers of your intended change of address
  • Finish off your supplies of frozen and perishable foods
  • Schedule the disconnection and connection your essential services, gas, water, phone, internet and electricity.
  • Arrange Australia Post Mail Redirection Service


  • Clean the house / unit
  • Have a final clean-out
  • Gather all keys and retrieve spares from family and friends
  • Find instruction books for stove, dishwasher, security system and leave for new owner
  • Cancel local services such as lawn mowing services, newspaper deliveries etc.
  • Keep a bag free with all the things you’ll need for your unpacking and cleaning
    Keep a few things out for the kids on move day
  • Clean the oven


  • Place all suitcases and essential items you need in one specified place so they are not loaded in the removal truck
  • Carry all valuables and important papers and passports with you
  • Ensure children and pets are safe and out of harm’s way
  • Turn off the gas at the meter, the electricity at the switchboard and water at the main. Make sure all cleaning is finished first
  • Do a final walk through with your removalist
  • Lock all doors and windows when you leave
  • Make up a survival kit – drinks, sandwiches, a change of clothes, first aid kit, pet food, water bottle, toiletries


  • Be sure to unpack the items and, if necessary report any damage immediately
  • Store items that don’t fit in your new home – consider donating any useful but unwanted items to charity
  • Ascertain which shops are best for parking, price and convenience
  • Familiarise your children and pets with your new home and surroundings as quickly as possible.

For all quotes, bookings or more information contact Jon on 1800 980 222 or (0416) 236 209.

Removalist Sydney

1800 980 222

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