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Melbourne Removalists

Eco Friendly Movers Melbourne Removalists believe that they should offer more than just a superior removalist service and great prices. They believe they should also run their business on an eco-friendly platform and not add unnecessary pressure to our fragile environment.

Removalist Services Include:

  • Furniture Removals
  • Office Relocations
  • Furniture, Art & Antique Delivery
  • Packing & Unpacking Service
  • Moving Boxes, Tape & Packing Materials

Here are some handy Moving Tips

  • Think carefully prior to moving day about the size and layout of your new home and where you will place furniture and TV’s & personal effects. If space is going to be an issue ask us about local self storage facilities.
  • Try and over estimate the amount of packing boxes, tape and packing material you will need. You can always return what isn’t used.
  • Arrange disconnection of power, phone, internet and gas and make sure you have organised connection of these utilities to the new premises.
  • Make proper travelling allowances for your pets.
  • Do not place money, jewellery passports and other important documents in a moving box.
  • Do not polish wooden furniture before moving day as it can cause condensation when the item is wrapped for transit.
  • Defrost and clean your refrigerator / freezer 48 hours before the move and to allow the interior time to dry. Towel dry and wipe the interior with vanilla essence.
  • Pack a “survival kit” for when you first arrive at the new residence. Socks, undies, towel, soap, long life milk, electric jug, tea, coffee, bottled water, flash light, mobile phone charger, snack bars etc.
  • Learn the layout of your new suburb as soon as possible.

Eco Friendly Movers are totally focused on customer satisfaction and delivering the best value for money possible. There are many questions you may have about moving and the FAQ page on the website addresses the most popular questions asked.

For more information, prices, quotes and bookings contact Eco Friendly Movers on (0488) 668 464.    0488 MOVING

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