Furniture Removals Melbourne

Furniture Removals Melbourne

Furniture Removals Melbourne

Furniture Removals & Storage Melbourne

Furniture Removals & Storage Melbourne

With over 16 years experience ProMovers Furniture Removals Melbourne have established themselves as one of Melbourne’s leading Furniture Removals & Storage companies with a reputation for quality service and customer satisfaction second to none.

When you need to move house or relocate your office or business it can be one of the most stressful experiences you will encounter. Engaging a professional moving company is probably the best way of ensuring the smooth transition from one premises to the next with minimal stress and inconvenience.

With a range of moving and storage solutions to cater for virtually any size move ProMovers Furniture Removals Melbourne can Pack, Move, Unpack, Store & Insure your valuable belongings quickly and efficiently at very competitive prices.

As part of their total commitment to providing the best possible service for their clients ProMovers also have their own secure Storage facility. With the flexibility and capacity to store large and small lots, short or long term ProMovers Storage provides a safe and secure storage solution for most applications.

For more details on Promovers Furniture Removals & Storage Melbourne contact them on (03) 8503  7024 or (0406) 02 6789. Or you can even get an Instant Quote online.

Useful Information For Moving House

Preparation: To help you plan your move there are some steps you should take before moving day. Here are some tips to help you save time, money and stress.

Packing: When packing for your move, ProMovers Furniture Removals Melbourne can provide as much or as little help as you need. If you are doing the packing yourself, make sure heavy items are packed in smaller boxes. ProMovers offer a professional packing and unpacking service which has been described as a godsend by many of their clients.

Moving Large Items: Moving large items like safes, pianos and other heavy or bulky goods may require specialist lifting equipment. It is vital that these items are pointed out to ProMovers at the time of booking your move.

Dismantle Furniture: Furniture which you have assembled yourself after buying it as a “flat pack” from the store does not always stand up to being lifted and transported. If you have any assembled furniture which can be easily disassembled we suggest you do so. Make very sure that any screws, brackets etc are placed in a labeled container and carefully packed away.

Contents of Garages & Garden Sheds: These storage areas are especially dusty and occasionally damp. The garden shed might also contain partially filled paint or fuel containers. DON’T be tempted to pack such items. Arrange safe disposal of any flammable or toxic liquids prior to moving. Air out any damp items you are taking with you and use this opportunity to cull. Remember the GOLDEN RULE. “If you don’t use it, lose it”.

Important Documents & Personal Effects: Arrange these items into a secure bag or container. This should accompany you personally during the move.

For a more comprehensive guide on moving house check out the Furniture Removals guide at WIKIBOOKS.

Furniture Removals Melbourne

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