Possum Removal

Possum Removal

Possum Removal & Possum Proofing Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula

For over 20 years Animal Intrusion have provided a Possum Removal & Possum Proofing service to Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

Well known for their fast reponse, competitive prices and excellent service, Animal Intrusion are safe, dependable and friendly.

The two most common species of Possum found in Melbourne are the Brushtail and the Ringtail possum. Despite their harmless appearance and their cute looks possums are considered a real pest by most people who have them living in their roofs.

Possums enjoy spending time in the roof cavity of homes. Unless the roof has been “possum proofed” they will almost always find a way in. There are four main problems associated with possums living in the roof cavity.

1. Possums are by nature noisy and their sounds are amplified by the acoustics of the roof cavity.
2. Possum urine will soak through plasterboard and stain the ceiling inside the home. Possum poo also attracts unwanted insects.
3. Possums will chew through electric wiring creating electrocution and fire hazards not to mention expensive electrical repairs.
4. Electrocuted possums will emit a very powerful and unpleasant odour.

Possums are classified as native Australian wildlife and as such are protected under the Wildlife Act of 1975. In other words they cannot be harmed intentionally and if captured they must be released very close by due to their territorial nature. That means that even if you were to catch a possum in your roof cavity you would have to release it outside and chances are it would be back in your roof before you got back to your house.

With over 20 years experience Animal Intrusion Melbourne are experts in Possum Removal and in sealing all the entry points to your roof cavity. Whether you have an old or new home Animal Intrusion will complete the job properly with all entry points being sealed in a professional manor.

For more information contact the Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula Possum Removal experts on 1300 382 826.

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