Residential Lifts Melbourne

Residential Lifts Melbourne

Residential Lifts, Elevators, Disabled Lifts, Dumbwaiters, Commercial Elevators & Stair Lifts

Residential Lifts & Elevators Melbourne

Southern Residential Lifts Melbourne are the specialists when it comes to elevators and residential lifts in Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

Southern Lifts ensure that all the lifts and elevators they supply, service and install are of the highest quality with reliability second to none.  With multiple story houses becoming more popular and an aging population it makes sense to consider including a lift at the planning stage of a home, however residential lifts can also be installed to the exterior of an established house.  Stair Lifts are another alternative and Southern Lifts are able to supply and install these with minimal disruption to residents.

Elevators were once considered only for mansions or the wealthy but they are becoming more commonplace in homes throughout Australia.  Not only do they allow the elderly to remain in their homes for longer and assure their continuing quality of life in the home they love, but elevators also add considerably to the value of a property.  Of course it is not just the elderly who can benefit from the installation of a residential lift, but the disabled as well.

Colin Stannard of Southern Lifts has had many years in the lift and elevator industry and knows anything and everything about residential, commercial and stair lifts.  All lifts are top quality and very competitively priced.  The company takes pride in their reputation for exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

Even after installation, the service doesn’t stop there.  All lifts require regular maintenance to ensure safety and reliability and Southern Lifts are able to provide servicing to all their products.

Southern Lifts are able to supply, install and service the following:

  • Lifts – Water Powered or Hydraulic Oil types
  • Elevators
  • Dumb Waiter
  • Goods Lift

They supply elevators to clubs, pubs, nursing homes, disabled accommodation, apartment blocks and commercial sites in and around Melbourne, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula and the rest of Victoria.

If you would like a quote or to talk to someone about your lift/elevator requirements, contact Southern Lifts on (03) 9580 5800.

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