Personal Training Northern Beaches

Personal Training Northern Beaches

Personal Training Northern Beaches

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Personal Training Northern Beaches, Personal Trainer Northern Beaches Services

Brad Corbett from Bodies in Balance provides Personal Training in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and with his vast knowledge and experience you can be assured that he will tailor a personalised fitness plan that will work for you.

Personal Training is not just about setting an exercise regime or attending a so called “boot camp”.  It entails so much more than that.  At Bodies in Balance, a full and comprehensive medical, exercise and nutritional history is taken so that a full training program can be devised.

How many times have you gone to a gym and been given the same exercises day in, day out without any improvement?  Bodies in Balance ensure you are given the personalised attention that you deserve and need.  It is not just about an exercise program.  There are other things to consider when devising a personal training program, such as time availability, nutrition, lifestyle and relaxation.

At Bodies in Balance, Brad Corbett will personally look after your personal fitness needs.  Having been in the industry for over 20 years working in different fields & disiplines including coaching, rehabilitation, personal training and osteopathy, you can be assured that Brad will know how to assess your needs and design the best program for your body, mind and spirit.

Brad is a CHEK certified practitioner, which encompasses a holistic approach to training.  There is more to having a healthy body than simple exercising and dieting and Brad is fully trained to provide this comprehensive service.

Bodies in Balance also provide GTS (Gravity Training System).  This versatile piece of equipment can provide over 200 biomechanically correct exercises so not only will all your muscles get a workout but you certainly won’t be getting bored.  Using your body as the resistance, all core muscle groups are strengthened instead of just a few.  Your whole body will be toned and this makes it so much easier to complete day to day tasks.

Only small groups up to 3 people are catered for on the GTS so that individual attention can be paid to clients ensuring your safety and correct use of the equipment for maximum benefit.

Contact Brad on (02) 9981 2075 to make your first appointment or a chat to see how he can help you achieve your goals.

Narrabeen, Frenchs Forest, Duffys Forest, Sorlie, Queenscliff, Terrey Hills, Oxford Falls, St Ives, Taylors Point, Seaforth, Avalon, Paradise Beach, Elanora Heights, Cromer, Scotland Island, Brookvale,Akuna Bay, Church Point, Beacon Hill, Whale Beach, Dee Why, Harbord, Killarney Heights, Bilgola, North Steyne, Belrose, Mona Vale, Fariy Bower, Bayview, Forestville, Narraweena, Ingleside, Warriewood, Cottage Point, Manly, Newport, Curl Curl, Careel Bay, North Head, Wakehurst, Long Reef, The Basin, South Steyne, Palm Beach, Wheeler Heights, Fairlight, Allambie, Clontarf,  Bantry Bay, Lovett Bay, Davidson, Collaroy, Balgowlah, Elvina Bay, Clareville.

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