Online Florist with Gold Roses and Flowers

Online Florist with Gold Roses and Flowers


Infinity Roses are known throughout the world for their incredible range of flowers. Not just any flowers mind you but gold, silver and coloured roses dipped in precious metal using their unique plating process.

An Infinity Rose comes to you in its very own display box designed to cradle and protect the delicate flower under the precious gold or silver coating. Our roses are there to remind your loved one every single day of how precious they are to you.

We deliver throughout Australia, United States and UK on a daily basis at no extra charge. Our flowers carry a lifetime guarantee covering faulty materials or workmanship but our expert florists and goldsmiths ensure that every rose is processed and packed with the utmost care and attention.

Flower Prices

You will be pleasantly surprised with the cost of our precious flowers. In most cases our gold plated roses are cheaper than a bunch of flowers and don’t forget they can last forever.

Click on Australia, United States, United Kingdom for local pricing and delivery details.

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