Electrician Melbourne

Electrician Melbourne, Industrial, Commercial & Residential Electricians Melbourne

Electrician Melbourne

Electrician Melbourne

Industrial, Commercial & Residential

Established for over 20 years CGH Electrician Melbourne offer a broad spectrum of electrical services across the greater Melbourne Metro area.

Headed by Chris Hall, with over 30 years experience as an electrician, CGH have built their reputation on the quality of their workmanship, high level of staff training, great value for money, a positive attitude and their ability to come up with the right solution time after time.

Industrial, Residential & Commercial Electricians Melbourne

Electrical & Data Services Include:

CGH Electrical & Data are very conscious of adhering to the strict rules and regulations associated with the electrical and building industry in Victoria. To that end they are also:

  • Registered Electrical Contractor No.8176
    A Grade License No. No.A16439
    Member of N.E.C.A No.1033
    ETU membership    No.84644
    Long Service Board No.64491 CGH 94122
    SPEC Superannuation    No. 1189311
    ACA Licence No. B 21311VIC
    Licensed Construction Wiring No. 1131
    EBA 2003 – present
    Security Registration 731-824-20S
    Paduit Certification
    Red Card Compliant

Electrician & Data Cabling Melbourne
Electrician & Data Cabling Melbourne

For an obligation FREE QUOTE contact CGH on (03) 9859 2072.

Electrician Melbourne Metro
Industrial, Commercial & Residential

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