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Air Conditioning Sydney & Northern Beaches

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DS Air Conditioning Sydney offer a full range of Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning services to homes and businesses in North Sydney and the Northern Beaches.

Although reverse cycle air conditioning is the most energy efficient cooling / heating system available there are certain factors which play a major role in extracting peak efficiency from an air conditioning system.


Air Conditioners work by creating a flow of warm or cool air through a designated area. Airflow is a major factor in the level of efficiency / comfort / economy of any air conditioning system. The placement of the ceiling outlets or wall mounted unit, location of the air return vent and the capacity / power of the compressor all play an important role in the overall efficiency of an a/c system. DS Air Conditioning North Sydney are trained to install air conditioning systems with all these factors taken into account so that peak efficiency and energy savings can be achieved.


Regardless of how well your a/c system is installed or what brand it is, unless it is maintained properly it will never maintain peak efficiency and achieve a lower energy usage. For example if the filter on the return vent isn’t cleaned regularly the internal fans have to work harder and therefore use a lot more power. Or, if the compressor is not working properly it won’t respond to the signals from the controller / thermostat resulting in an over supply or under supply of cool or warm air. More often than not the cost of regular maintenance is less than the cost of the extra power wasted on an unserviced air conditioner.

DS Air Conditioning Sydney and Northern Beaches have a reliable cost efficient maintenance service which covers all major brands of home and commercial a/c systems.

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