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About Us is a 100% Australian owned and operated business established in July 2008. Up until 2021 the website operated as an information portal for a wide variety of businesses but with the huge upsurge of online shopping we decided to transform the website into an ONLINE SUPER-STORE which only sells products MADE IN AUSTRALIA.

Over the years we have built, promoted and maintained 100’s of websites including many successful E-Commerce platforms. Our experience has shown us that there is an extraordinary level of home-grown talent and innovation amongst Australian businesses but many of them simply don’t have the depth of knowledge and in some cases the capital to successfully market their products online. Many have tried the cheap and nasty “free” E-Commerce platforms or have tried to build online store “on-the-cheap” by employing overseas developers only to find that in most cases it was a complete waste of time, money and effort.

The other online challenge that many Australian businesses face is that their website only sells their own products which is fine until they find themselves competing for online space against the much bigger online stores which sell a variety of products. The online space is much like the physical retail space where the “big fish” almost always always eat the “little fish”.

So the new version of the website will begin its life as a “big fish” made up of a variety of retailers but with a twist….. Every product on will be MADE IN AUSTRALIA! Each supplier will be vetted by us as a bona fide Australian manufacturer. Obviously this will limit the range of products we will have on the website but given the range, authenticity and quality of Australian made products we believe Australian and international consumers will be more than satisfied with what’s on offer.

Oh, and let’s all not forget one VERY IMPORTANT thing…. Buy Australian Because the Job You Create Or Save May Be Your Own!

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